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  • Furniture Repair
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  • More possibilities
  • Computerized Color Matching
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Color Match System

Learn to color match.

Refinish Coatings is your partner. We will teach your how to color match. We have a variety of tools and resources along with technical support staff to help you start today!

Diverse Application

Commercial and residential 

Refinish Coatings is being used throughout a variety of industries. Commercial and residential interiors. Automotive, aviation and more.

Feel the difference

Quality Coatings

Soft, reliable coatings every time. Expand to high-end work and clients.  Refinish Coatings give you the confidence to take your business to the next level.

Basic Leather Seat Repair Step by Step Training Video added under Training Section

Refinish Coatings is your business partner. We want to supply you with the highest quality coatings available on the market and offer you technical support and resources for you to learn our decade worth of knowledge.

    • Technical Support: We are available by phone and e-mail to answer any questions.
  • High-end Coatings: Take high-end jobs and feel confident offering warranty
  • Automotive Interiors: Extensively used on automotive interiors. We will teach you how.
  • Textile, Aviation, Commercial interiors: No limit to the types of jobs that can be accomplished

Technical Support Timely Response Here To guide you: Call us with any questions. We are to help you make the most of our line of coatings, dyes and paint.

Advanced Formulas Guaranteed Reliability and Color Refinish Coatings is a leader in leather and vinyl dye and paint coatings offering both OEM and aftermarket solutions to customers around the world.

Eliminating Barriers of Entry Highly Advanced Coatings With two decades of research and development, Refinish Coatings offers the most advanced leather and vinyl coatings for any application. Take advantage of our introductory offer and start using Refinish Coatings today.

Our system works Coatings you can count on What makes us different? Refinish Coatings offers leather and vinyl coatings that meet OEM automotive specs and are trusted throughout many industries. We also offer exceptional customer service and technical support.